Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Types of Throw Pillows

Throw pillow is the essential during decoration in most field. It is a small pillow already display on sofa or couch . Most throw pillows are no more than 50cm, and usually, 40cm or 45cm are the most popular size. and they tend to be square, round, , oblong, rectangular or other particular shape. Many people like to use throw pillows in their home decoration. because throw pillows are manipulate easily , and they can be used in a wide variety of ways to layout an assortment of looks and feels. Most furniture stores need throw pillows for display, it also will help them to make promotion. and also it’s easy to be a gifts for your customers.

People have been using decorative pillows in their homes for centuries, we also can see more throw pillow used in the car. It means there are numerous works of many places. There are various materials of throw pillow, cotton , polyester, silk or linen etc. Customers can choose any material which they like.

Cotton throw pillows are completely free of allergens, synthetics and chemicals. That’s why most people like the cotton material when we touch it, it feel soft and fresh, it’s also very good for playing with kids.

Polyester throw pillows can be custom made with their logos, it can be a promotional gifts and effective method of Publicity. Because of lower cost with easy sublimation print, it’s very popular gifts from many companies. These 2 materials are used in wide range of applications, others also can be found in the decoration flied. I believe the throw pillows are already indivisible of each resident.