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To Be The Best Travel Pillow Factory

Our travel pillow factory is located in Yi wu, the world’s largest and greatest commodity city. There are more than ten thousands of buyers coming for business from all over the world. On this basis of Yiwu market, the company was created since 2008, one of professional manufacturer of travel pillows , such as travel neck pillow, memory foam pillow, microbead pillow, massage pillow and cushion etc. Currently we have almost hundreds Employees work in factory with department of marketing shops, Designer team, Sublimation print, Stitch workshop and Quality Control, etc. We do OEM for most of our customers ,which come from European countries, America, Brazil and some of Asia countries. The main customers which including American Airlines, Disney, Hollywood, MH and so on. Our purpose is providing high quality products, cheap and affordable price, fast production and delivery, Excellent and sincere service. We are sure our factory has ability to be your best travel pillow supplier!

The Story of My Travel Pillow

It was in 2006, I just graduated from Ningbo University, worked in a import and export trade company which operating textile products. Once, I was sent to Dubai for participating in the exhibition home textile. We took off from Shanghai to Dubai with about 12 hours fly. That's my first time to stay in airplane for so long and feel particularly excited. But I began to be worry about how to sleep for so long time trip, especially when you are feeling tired ,doze off normally. Of course, there is absolutely no sleep bed for each passenger, only adjust of seat back.

A few of my colleagues already have a rest on seat. Actually, the shape of rest looked randomly and ridiculous, some people put head against the aircraft bulkhead, climbed back on the front seat, and leaning on the shoulders of the next-door passengers, changing their sleeping position from time to time, looked very uncomfortable.

Most of the passengers had awful experiences during long trip .Unfortunately I also am not a exception, it's really difficult to sleep while only sitting on the chair, but when u are very tired, it is unable to concentrate on the control of their own bodies, so it's obviously that leaning on the shoulder of the strangers who seating next on your side, feeling ashamed of their behavior.

A man who was sitting next to me is a foreigner, he took out a pillow from his luggage ,it looks like a U shape, he put it around the neck, he said it’s a travel pillow, very soft and comfortable when were on trip, meanwhile he put a mask on the eyes . It's a ready travel pillow set. I am sure it would bring good dream for him, as well as would not be affected by the noisy of surrounding environment .It always keep u holding on as a gentlemen . In fact, i was very envy about this good travel pillow, I decided to buy one for my return journey . At the last day in Dubai, i got a travel pillow with mask in a shopping mall ,it costs 69 Dirham, about 20 US$ . This pillow feels very softness , i don't know what exactly material of inside filling. but the fabric is plush velour, feels also very comfortable and stretchable, never deformed even with high pressure. This is my first impression of travel pillow, it makes me the return journey without the slightest fatigue. Since then, I felt in love with a travel pillow. It's my essentials when i was on trip by plant, train, long-distance bus.